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Fixed Frame Ultra Short Throw ALR Projector Screen

A newly developed Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) fixed screen by Visualax now available.

Black grid Anit-Light principle

The surface has a finely engraved toothed grid that only provides targeted reflection of the projected beam at a specific angle. Non-imaged ambient light is absorbed by the light absorbing coating on the other side of the toothed grig and no diffraction occurs. Because the colour reproduction of the black grid is as high as 99%, Even during the day, you don't need to close curtains, you don't need to turn off lights, you can still have a saturated, richly-lit projection room.

Black grid screen and Matte white screen comparison

The special micron-scale grid structure on the surface of the black grid screen blocks the upper light sources. The light source of the ultra short throw projector below is reflected in parallel coming back to the audience. This enhances the image quality making it clearer and brighter. The ordinary Matte White screen is made of ordinary PVC material, only creating a white surface to reflect from.

160 degree wide Viewing Angle

Visualax screen has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees for complete coverage of the home theatre viewing area. It features a 10mm narrow bezel design for a sleek modern finish. Combined with a laser ultra short throw projector it achieves a giant laser TV effect.


Aluminium alloy frame

Thin bezel

Wider viewing surface

Ambient light rejecting

Engineered for UST Projectors

Manufactured to the highest of standards

Mildew resistant and flame retardant

12 month warranty


16:9 screen aspect

Gain factor: 0.9

Full 1080 HD

4K Ready

View angle: 160 degrees

4 side tensioning

Screen Dimension

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