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Cinemascope 235 Acoustic Transparent Cuve Projector Screen

The ultimate cinema experience is Cinemascope 235:1  Screens , just as the movie studios intended it to be …

Why Acoustic Transparent Projector Screens ?

Acoustic transparent projector screens are those which allow you to place the speakers behind the projector screen without losing audio quality. This can be beneficial in helping you make room for your home theatre system, while also giving the impression that when people are speaking on screen their voice is actually coming directly from them.

Another advantage of acoustic transparent projector screens is that, unlike solid screens, they don't act as another wall to reflect sound off.

Perforated screens use a strong screen material that has been perforated with thousands of holes.

An Acoustic Woven screen is as it sounds, rather than having regular spaced holes it is done via a weave (just as you weave clothes) which creates an uneven pattern of very small holes which allows sound through but the holes cannot be seen.


Viewing Angle:  160 Degree

Gain:  0.95

Screen Material Colour: Matt White

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